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Keep Your Feet Healthy!

Helpful Healthy Feet Tips

  • Give your feet time to adjust to new shoes – walk around casually for a couple of days before working out.
  • Feet get larger with age. We recommend you have your feet measured once a year.
  • Women’s feet may become a half size larger or more after pregnancy.
  • Make sure you wear the type of socks you’ll wear with the shoes. The “wrong” socks will alter the fit.
  • Feet swell during the day. Try on shoes later in the day when your feet are the largest.
  • Bring your old athletic shoes to the store– tread wear and stress areas will help guide you to your next selection.
  • Specific shoes are designed to enhance performance for specific activities– if you plan to run, don’t buy cross trainers– buy running shoes.
  • The heel should fit snugly with no slippage.
  • The midfoot, the area under your arch and over your instep, should fit snug and not tight.
  • The toe-box should have enough room to wiggle your toes.
  • Your left and right foot may differ by as much as a full size. Measure both and fit the larger foot.
  • Your shoes are too small if your feet cramp or fall asleep while running or just afterward or blisters and calluses occur between your toes.
  • Rule of thumb for shoes – if they hurt in the store they’ll hurt at home.
Adult and Child's Feet — Healthy Foot in Benton, AR

Fit Facts for Healthy Kids

  • Don’t hesitate to ask a pediatrician for advice if you have questions.
  • From birth to three years old, your child’s feet will grow a half size every three months.
  • Don’t let a child wear “hand-me-down” shoes. They’ve already been formed to fit another foot.
  • Shoe size should be checked every four to six months.
  • Select a footwear category based on the function of the shoe.
  • Pay attention to the size, but also the overall fit: Length, width, height and comfort.
  • Getting the child properly fit is important. Please get help from a fitting professional.
  • Footwear should work with your child’s foot and not inhibit its natural motion.
  • The younger the better: Take care of your child’s foot problems now, and they are more likely to self-correct as the child grows up.
Child fitting His Shoe — Healthy Foot in Benton, AR